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Illinois Corruption — So Common That Getting Caught Isn’t A Big Deal

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Sunday, October 16, 2011, 8: 31 AM

A clerk in a sheriff’s office faxes a request to the county attorney to have speeding ticket fixed with a hand written note attached which read, “Dismiss this case. This guy is the son of one of our deputies.”

But using a sheriff’s office fax machine she mistakenly faxed it to the local newspaper.

Read the whole story for the amazing, “Oh, well” response from the sheriff’s office. It’s as if the only thing she did wrong was punch in the wrong phone number on the fax machine. Hey, it’s Illinois.

The ticket was for 23 miles over the speed limit which in many states, mine included, gets you fully half of the points on your driver’s license needed to cause you to lose it for a year. These days it’s a pretty serious impediment to one’s life style to lose one’s ability to drive for a year.

About 20 years ago the district attorney in Golden, Colorado (Jefferson County) was found to have dismissed some traffic tickets as favors for political cronies, and to have used his influence with persons in the State DMV to erase tickets from driving records of certain people. He was removed from office, disbarred as an attorney, and convicted of a felony. The latter meant that most of his friends, the ones connected to law enforcement, are officially prohibited from having a personal association with him.

I’m not sure whether the rumor that he moved to Illinois and got a government job is true or not.


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