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I’m Sold On Gingrich — Here’s Why

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Saturday, December 10, 2011, 3: 54 PM

I’ve been ambivalent about Gingrich for the usual reasons.  He’s smart and he stands up to liberals, gotta love him for that.  But he has a massive ego and he’s unpredictable sometimes.  A lot of Republican primary voters have gone for Gingrich because they are sick and tired of tongue-tied Republican politicians and candidates who can’t talk very well, or won’t talk much at all, and don’t sound smart when they do talk.  Eight years of George W. Bush never answering the idiotic charges that liberals made against him has made conservative Republican voters disgusted with any candidate who can’t or won’t articulate a strong conservative position.  They had high hopes for Rick Perry until he fizzled in the debates.  Tim Pawlenty crashed in the first debate.  More than a few conservatives were thankful when Mitch Daniels dropped out because of his waffling on social issues.  Michelle Bachmann was interesting until she jumped the shark with her vaccine diatribe.  Romney is not a conservative, everyone knows it and that’s why he can’t get above about 25% in the polls.  That’s probably because Romney’s the darling of the Country Club set and The Weekly Standard and those are the establishment Republicans that despise conservatives.  Rick Santorum is a good solid conservative but is stuck at 2-3% in the polls because the American people won’t vote for a politician who thumps the Bible at them.  Ron Paul is nuts.  Herman Cain…well, never mind.

Given the malaise on the right that comes out of all that, Newt began to look good by comparison.  His recent smack down of Nancy Pelosi was just the sweetest music to the ears of a conservative.  It’s hard to imagine what other Republican candidate you’d get that from.  Conservatives want someone who will stand up to Obama just as hard, and Gingrich seems to be the one best equipped to do it.

The tipping point (sorry for using that tired old cliche) for me was the interview Newt gave on the Coffee and Markets podcast yesterday.  Newt talked about entitlement reform, the details in Romney’s plan for entitlement reform that he isn’t telling anyone because his candidacy would end the next day if he did, the hubris of Ben Bernanke, Germany’s fantasy of becoming the absolute ruler of the Eurozone, and much more. It was terrific.  Several issues every conservative cares about were on brilliant display and Newt had the right answers for every one of them.  Now, if he’s elected and will deliver.  No guarantee on either of those.

You can listen to the Coffee and Markets podcast from Friday here, and you can also follow a link from there to iTunes where you can subscribe to the podcast, listen on your computer, or transfer it to an iPod or other mp3 player so you can listen in your car or while walking the dog.


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