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BBC Admits Using Faked Film Footage of Polar Bears For Its “Frozen Planet” Series on British Television

Posted in Culture Rot by TeeJaw on Tuesday, December 13, 2011, 11: 33 AM

BBC admits they built a polar bear den out of plywood and fake snow in a Dutch zoo, installed cameras and passed it off as having been filmed in an actual Arctic polar bear den. Other scenes taken at the zoo were interspersed with actual footage taken in the Arctic that misled the audience into thinking the whole thing was footage of polar bears in the wild, but much of it was of  zoo bears.

They defend their actions as legitimate to mix zoo scenes with actual Arctic footage, which might be true if the audience were told of that fact.  But the audience was not told and were intentionally misled into believing it was all real.

The truth is of little value to liberals.  Lying is their stock in trade.


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