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Citizen Comes to the Aid of Ohio Police Officer Under Assault

Posted in Uncategorized by TeeJaw on Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 2: 47 PM

Officer Tim Marks of the Canton, Ohio police department was on patrol when he was waved down by a woman who reported that she had just narrowly escaped by driving away from a man who came up to her car and began kicking the car and yelling obscenities at her. As officer Marks and the woman were talking the man suddenly appeared from around the corner and walked toward them.

“He was strutting. His chest was out,” said Marks, who had seen this walk before. He said some men project an attitude when walking past a cop, as if to say “you don’t scare me.”

Marks pulled his car toward the curb at an angle, hit his overhead lights and rolled down his passenger-side window. He called the man over.

Marks exited his vehicle and tried to detain the man who quickly became belligerent and threatening. Finally, Marks used his taser to subdue the man who was increasingly violent, but the taser seemed to have no effect even though both probes were lodged at the correct distance apart in the man’s chest and appeared to be delivering its 50,000 volts. The man starting punching officer Marks in the face, who drew his baton for protection.  The man went crazy and Marks was forced to use his baton aggressively.  Since this situation had quickly reached a level of danger to justify baton hits to the head and facc, officer Marks delivered several such blows. These also had no effect on this man who appeared impervious to pain. Soon the man, unbelievably strong, had Marks on the ground and was beating him about the face and head with his own baton. The officer’s gun was out of his reach because the man had his right arm held down and his left arm could not reach it.  Fortunately, the man was not then trying to get Marks’ gun.  Soon Marks was able to use his left arm to pull the man close to him and lessen the force of the blows.  Marks remembers feeling sleepy and his brain screaming, “I need help now! I need help now!”

Then out of nowhere someone tackled the crazy man and knocked him off of Officer Marks. Too stunned to react right away, in a few moments he saw the citizen and the crazy man fighting over control of the baton. At last officer Marks and the citizen, Tom Bowman, a salesman for Zoresco Equipment Co. in Brooklyn, Ohio, and a married father of two teenage daughters, got handcuffs on the guy, just as other police officers arrived.

More on this video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Canton Repository has more on this story.


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