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To Serve and Disrespect — Cops Behaving Badly

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Thursday, December 22, 2011, 9: 00 AM

A jogger is struck by a truck and critically injured in Seattle. First responding police officers show themselves to be unfit for the job. As the injured man lies in a pool of his own blood and near death, police officers make stupid and disrespectful cracks about him, the kind that makes some people think of the thin blue line not as a protective barrier between citizens and criminals, a line between decency and lawlessness that cops proudly and courageously defend, but rather a thin line between the mindset of the cops themselves and that of the low life scumbags they are supposed to apprehend and arrest and might themselves have become if they weren’t lucky enough to get hired before they had a chance to make a criminal record of their own.

Tim Nelson of Seattle has mostly recovered and has discovered a dash-board video and audio from a police car on the scene in which Seattle’s not-so-finest can be seen and heard on tape mocking the critically-injured man in the following exchange:

Officer 1 ‘They say he flew up in the air and landed on his noggin.’
Officer 2 ‘Hey, that ain’t my problem!’
Officer 1 ‘That’s why you drive a car!’
Officer 2 ‘Yeah, don’t try to jog to work, you dumb f***!’

The attitude displayed these officers is inconsistent with a desire to provide assistance to an injured person in need of help. It is disgusting and shameful that such persons can be sworn police officers.  Isn’t jogging to work a choice that anyone is entitled to make?  Even if the accident was the jogger’s fault (it wasn’t) isn’t that a matter to be determined later, in a court of law, after he recovers?

The video below won’t play here but clicking it will take you to The UK Daily Mail page where it is located.

Mr. Nelson was jogging to work because his usual route was under construction and he thought he was helping out by not adding one more automobile to the traffic jam. In other words, he was being a good citizen, wholly undeserving of these cops’ degenerate, asshole behavior. These are individuals unfit to carry a badge and they should lose them so a better class of people can take their place.


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