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Mitt Romney — Man of Constancy — or Flim Flam?

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Thursday, January 5, 2012, 8: 25 AM

These two videos are each under 1 minute.

On releasing his tax returns, yes.

On Whether he is a conservative, not so much.

He says he’s conservative when he thinks that’s what you’d like to hear, then says he’s a progressive if you might like that, or a moderate if he thinks that’s what you want.  Why doesn’t he just come clean and say he’s a RINO, and that he will sell you out no matter whether you are a conservative, a progressive, a moderate, and independent, or just about any other political persuasion ever thought of.  Well, he won’t say that but we already know that anyway.

He’s running for the nomination from the wrong party.  He’d really be more comfortable in the Democrat party but I guess that slot was already taken.

The first video was made by the Democrat National Committee and Democrats don’t have a tradition of releasing their tax returns.  Clinton never released his, not even as president, and the DNC never thought he was hiding anything.  Well, maybe they did but they weren’t going to say so because they didn’t care if he was.

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