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The Ideal Republican Candidate for Congress

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Monday, January 9, 2012, 10: 33 AM

In the state of Utah there is a person who will run for Congress from its newly created 4th district that just might be the ideal Republican.  This person believes strongly in individual responsibility and freedom.  In order to balance the budget while cutting taxes, the candidate would start by abolishing the Department of Education and the Department of Energy, delegating their responsibilities to the states.  Slashing regulations and opening up federal land to energy drilling would be a priority.  The  American-born candidate comes from immigrant parents who fled the ructions of their native land with $10 in their pocket, settling in America and making a life for themselves.  “I had a front-row seat for two people living the American dream,” she said. “I will not stand by as we leave our children a legacy of debt and dependency.”

Who is this person?  Meet Mia B. Love who, if elected, will be the first Black Republican woman in the United States House of Representatives:

She might be the ideal Republican if, as it appears so far, she is a principled conservative who will not sell out on those principles in a misguided effort to win friends among liberal Democrats and their pals in the media.  If, as seems almost certain, she values individual liberty and individual responsibility for the consequences of our own decisions.

Mia B. Love owns a gun, is an avid shooter, has a CCW permit, and is a strong believer in Second Amendment freedoms.  From all this we should be able to conclude that she also believes in a Constitutionally limited Federal government, as everyone in this country once believed.

More about Mia B. Love at Legal Insurrection

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